The Metasm framework documentation


The Metasm framework is an opensource software designed to interact with the various forms of binary code. It is written in pure Ruby (

More detailed informations can be found in the feature list.

It is distributed freely under the terms of the LGPL.

Documentation organisation

This documentation is split in different parts :

The first part describes the internal structure of the framework, the second part is a higher level overview of the software and shows how the various parts are used and can interract. The last part explains the role of the source files and directories.

Documentation progress

The documentation is written here and there in my free time, and is very incomplete as of now. Specifically, all internal links you'll find ending in .txt are link to pages that have not been written yet.

Install notes

See the install notes


Metasm is mostly written by Yoann Guillot.

Some parts were added by various contributors, including :


The latest version of this documentation can be found on the Metasm site:

Patches, bug reports, feature requests should be sent to